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MovieConverter-Studio has been rewritten from scratch… fold-unfold

New versions: more modern, more reliable, more powerful and easier.

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MovieConverter-Studio 2

MovieCam 1

Prepare every video for every purpose:

  • video editing (iMovie,…) iconSoftsAll
  • or broadcasting (DVD, …) broadcastingAll

Automatic conversion:

  • according to the needs of each output format,
  • according to your TV and your country broadcast standard (and whitout jerks),
  • and according to the specificities of each of your videos

…while maintaining the best quality..

What's up?

Prepare your camcorder (or camera) videos to use in your favorite editing software: iMovie or Final Cut Pro (or the old Final Cut Express and iMovieHD).


fpsSlowTake this opportunity to add special effects… like making a slow-motion.

MovieCam is the new version of the "old Module HD from MovieConverter 1.xx" but as standalone application (and much better ;-)).

What's up?

Outputs fold-unfold

  • for video editing (iMovie,…) iconSoftsAll
  • or for broadcasting (DVD, mobile phone/iPhone, tablet/iPad, appleTv, … Multimedia Hard Disk).


MovieConverter outputs in High Definition, it is no longer limited only to DVD and DV formats (formats 2 "Standard Definition"). As against the outputs Full HD ("1080") are available only in the Pro version.

encoding: faster files loading fold-unfold

preset Multiple files loading: via customizable presets.

Now you do not have to load your videos one by one anymore, set its conversion settings and store it in the batch.

Select a preset (or easily create one), load videos …and encode them directly!

special effects fold-unfold

  • fxDenoise Video noise removal: You shooted with no light enough? Clean your video without losing detail. This option is 7 to 10 times faster than in the old version.
  • fxSharpen Increase video sharpness: Your video is too soft/blurred? Add sharpness! (This option is not contrary to the 'noise removal' option, you can smooth your video contents and accentuate its contours ;)).

opt "Comb effects" videos fold-unfold

iconI Check "comb effects" (and manage thems) far easier than previously.

It's the most technical part of video (so, usually, the most complicated ;-)).iconDeinterlace iconP

By default, MovieConverter-Studio automatically adapts the "comb effects" acoording to your output device abilities to display them correctly (eg: an "iPhone" output must not have any comb effect ;-)). The customized/partial field order management / frames is only available in the Pro version (eg: a deinterlacing not needed by your output format).

DVD fold-unfold

  • stuDvdBkg Menus automatically animated and with sound
  • Or personalized menus (background image and sound).
  • Menus in full screen onto any TV (whether a new one or an antique "square CRT television like the grandmother's one ;-)")
  • stuDvdChain Ability to chain several videos.
  • stuDvdSubmenu Creating submenus: customized or automated.

…And as before: doing your DVD settings in less than 3 minutes and "get a good result" (…whatever your DVD contains 1 to 81 videos ;-)).

Subtitles fold-unfold

stuSub Lots of news to come in the next versions ;-).


New interface: simpler, more ergonomic, more reliable.

Outputs fold-unfold

  • qt Make your videos QuickTime-compatible without re-encoding (very fast but reserved for video "without comb effects"),
  • imovie Convert to iMovie (format: Apple Intermediate Codec),
  • fcp Convert to Final Cut Pro (format: your preferred ProRes codec).

Videos "Film" or "with many frames per second" fold-unfold

Videos "Film" (24p, usually from cameras) are now managed.

Videos with "more frames per second than necessary" (50p or 60p) can be kept in state, simplified or slowed.

Special effects (slow-motion, …) fold-unfold

  • fpsSlow Slow your videos -whitout any loss- from videos with "more frames per second than necessary" (50i ou 50p), the format used by most of consumer camcorders.
  • fpsHalf Simplify your too complex videos.
  • fpsFull Or keep all the information of your video.

opt "Comb effects" videos fold-unfold

  • iconI Simplify your videos too complex for iMovie fpsHalf.
  • iconI Make a slow motion fpsSlow.
  • iconI Delete "comb effects" while preserving the quality (50i -> 50p) iconI2P.

simplicity fold-unfold

No need to be a video expert to get a good result, just select a default preset:

  • iconApp Let MovieCam adjusts -at its best- your video to your editing software needs.
  • iconAppNo Convert identically (with no care about your editing software needs).
  • mwPresets Choose to unify all outputs (…because you have some specific needs ;-)).


New standalone application: simpler, more complete, more powerful.

MovieConverter-Studio 2

MovieCam 1


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