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Version 2 (2013/10/23)

DO NOT CLICK ONTO "yes" BUTTON TO DOWNLOAD THE NEW VERSION, INSTEAD, GO TO THE SITE (menu item "Help MovieConverter-Studio" > "site…")
MovieConverter-Studio has been rewritten from scratch: the new version 2 is available (the update is not free but not expensive ;-)).

Some informations about new versions

  • Compatible with new Mac systems (Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8, Mavericks 10.9)
  • And always compatible with older (Leopard 10.5 PPC or intel processors, Snow Leopard 10.6).
  • All the old features have been preserved … and improved.

Lots of new features:

  • Multiple files loading (via customizable presets).
  • Outputs to Standard Definition or High Definition, for iMovie/FCPX or for broadcasting (DVD, mobile phone/iPhone, tablet/iPad, appleTv, … multimédia hard disk).
  • DVD: menus automatically animated and with sound. Adapted to every TV (whatever flat screen or old "square TV").
  • etc

More informations onto the site (menu item "Help MovieConverter-Studio" > "site…")



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